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Sep 9, 2020

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In this fast-paced life, we usually forget the importance of staying positive and living life to our true potential. Staying positive does not mean things will be okay, Rather it is knowing that YOU will be okay no matter how things turn out. Here are some of the positivity that I  stay with to deal with all my work.

Exercise- Staying physically active or exercising does not only helps to lose weight but also to keep your mind and body on track with those positive thoughts in  you. It gives you the energy to live yourself completely. Yoga and meditation keeps you calm and helps us to be mindful. Least we could do is to go for a brisk walk around nature. Being confident about how our body looks and feels can be one of the best feelings among the most. But always remember, do not stretch your body beyond its limits. It might  give you a reverse effect of what was expected. This is not about exercise to the core but it is to express the importance of moving your body.

Connect With Nature-  Staying connected with nature is one of the best healers when it comes to physical and mental pains. I know it is difficult during this lockdown period but we all can give it a start to all the accessible places like our balcony, home passage area, terrace, or some open verandas near our home where we are true with nature. This can be an  important moment of the day wherein you can be with yourself truly. See how it feels to have the warmth of all the positive feelings and affirmations within you. Actions like having access to the beautiful things around me which includes the birds chirping, the planes flying high, the wind blowing around with that beautiful aroma of flowers near you, that beautiful greenery sight, taking that fresh oxygen with your eyes closed. Even if I sit down looking at the open and clear blue sky for some minutes, it makes me feel so good. These are some things that we always underestimate the power of or may sound very small but these simple habits can work best for you in order to stay calm and positive. I  have recently started this practice wherein I feel so blessed to take a  human birth in this world. The experience can be different for everyone  but it is worth experiencing.

Eat Healthy-  Many of us feel the importance of eating healthy only when it is a need to lose weight instead of making it a habit for the long term. However,  we all know that the weight that we lose can be gained back as quickly as we lost it. So instead of making these temporary changes with your body, why don’t we make it a permanent habit? This will lead to a  healthy lifestyle filled with eating good which further motivates us to stay good to ourselves. Fill your plate with all the nutrition and ingredients that boost our immunity. After all, we are what we eat so make healthy choices.

Well,  my journey started altogether with the intention of Weight Loss but never the late I realized the importance of staying healthy for the long term and I have now inculcated this habit as a lifestyle change to live a healthy and filling life.

Talk to Yourself-  This may sound a bit weird to some people but it actually gives you the strength to focus on the good and positive side. I always had this habit of talking to myself regardless of any situation. It gives me  clarity in my thoughts and when there is clarity in what you think,  there will more clarity in your actions to prove that you are on right track. It shows you a clearer mindset of what is around you and most importantly what is within you.

Keep a Journal-  Whenever we want to get to a good habit, it is important that we are specific with our intentions. Writing those intentions on a piece of paper can always help to focus on our goal. When having written the outcomes that will benefit us, it always keeps us motivated. Stick that paper on your most accessible part of the home like your bedroom wall,  on the fridge, near your study table, or wherever you like. This is not only about writing habits, it can be something that is going on in your mind, something that you feel important in life and wants to get clarity to.

Explore New things-  This category is for something that you always wished for but was never able to live by due to uncertain reasons. Take the advantage of this time to get to know about the things you like. It could possibly turn out to be your new lifestyle or a habit which gives you happiness.

Try these positive habits to change your perception about life and to see good in everything near you. Life is based on perception. Perception is based on your opinion. Opinions are based on thoughts. Thoughts come from the mind. So fill your life with positive thoughts. Change your mind, change your life.

Always remember- Positivity is a Choice, not a Mood.

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