Take A Step Back To Love Yourself

Always remember, No one will love you until you love Yourself.


Sep 9, 2020

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Loving yourself is the most important kind of love. We all need to be very clear that love in our lives begins with us. So often we look for  Mr. Right to solve all our problems in the forms of our father, our boyfriends, or husbands. Now it is time to be Miss Right for ourselves.  We honestly need to look at the flaws that we can project in the world and not what’s wrong in us or our faults. But to see the barriers that we have put up for ourselves that stops us to be who we can be. We can eliminate these barriers and make self changes which will allow us to fly high. Stop all criticism, it never accomplishes anything positive.  Never criticize yourself. Don’t criticize others either as the criticisms for others are merely a projection of what we see in ourselves. Only we can judge ourselves, not people, not God, no one.

The most important relationship is the relationship with yourself. The most lasting relationship I will ever have is the relationship I have with myself. All other relations come and go. Even the marriages that last until death do us apart. The one person I am with forever is me.

There are still many people that you are surrounded by, are so dominating that they make you feel you are nothing without them. And to officially support this, we give it a name called Love.  We say that it is my love for that person which gives him that right to, dominate me, abuse me, make me feel low and the most important to make me feel bad about myself. Who gave these people the right to hurt you?  Why do you feel that this is called love? Why do you make yourself believe that this is nothing but their concern for you? No, most times this is not the case.

You have the right to flaunt yourself the way you want. No one else in this world can stop you from doing that. If you are under a burden of such a  relationship, please set yourself free. If you find it difficult, ask yourself- Before I can expect someone to love me, Do I Love Myself? It will give you all the possible answers.

There can be situations, where you overlook the actions of your partner for the sake of eternal love you have for him in your heart. And that thing becomes a habit for you as well as your partner to insult you once again. Instead of feeling resentful, stand up for yourself.

This blog is not for any discrimination between men and women. It is for all who feel they are no longer happy in a relationship. We all feel the need of being loved when we don’t have it in our lives anymore. But If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect somebody else to love you.  The initial phase of any relationship is quite interesting and beautiful, we tend to forget all the realities around us in the brightness of that beauty. But it is always very late to realize that this brightness can also lead you to a darker side of life wherein you may lose yourself.

My suggestion to all the people in that blind love for someone, look at the actions instead of clinging to the words.

I  have been in the same situation some time ago until I got a chance to look back and decide what I am and what is my worth. I clanged on to someone so much that I lost myself completely which resulted in very disorganized priorities in my life. I was the last priority to myself.  Each second of my life, I used to feel devastated to love someone so much and still realize that I stand nowhere in his life. I was in a  situation of even losing my life only to justify that somebody else was my life and not me. Such a miserable and useless sentence it can be.

Constantly having the fear that someone else can replace me, was the worst feeling I could ever have. You can always get rid of this fear if it was justified to you well by your partner. As to what it sounds to you now, I still had to get that courage in myself to write this down to you all. I had to pay the most expensive thing to get this experience and that is nothing but to lose myself. Calling a breakup as Mutual even though you never wanted is a terrible feeling. Life has so better plans for you. Stay Alive to experience that. Don’t lose yourself, your credibility in the journey to achieve someone. What is meant to be yours, will always be yours no matter what. You don’t have to make so much effort for someone if it is true love.

Your worth cannot be decided by anyone else except you. Get that courage to break yourself from that negativity, insult, abuse, disrespect, offense.  Make yourself ready to face the world full of opportunities,  positivity, appreciation, love, and respect. Set yourself free from toxic relationships. Be in a relationship with the best person in this world,  that is Yourself.

We have Standards, Step Up or Step Out.

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